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House is one of the best possessions in the world. The feeling of having your own house is just out of the world and cannot be compared with anything else. The first thing you do after getting a house is to personalize it and decorate with tons of unique and beautiful items. From choosing the color of the wall to the wall hanging and type of floor, everything is selected by the owner. One thing which plays an integral part of any room in the house is the carpet. Carpet and rugs are found in all rooms of a house whether they are full size of smaller ones. You won’t come across any house which doesn’t have carpets. The color, pattern and quality of the rug you choose play an important role in overall feel and look of your room.

Carpets matter especially when it comes to choosing them for your living area. They not just add to the grace of the room but also show your choice and depict your personality. Textile Carpets and Rugs offers a wide range of carpets in various sizes and materials at prices you won’t find anywhere else!

Carpets for anywhere in your home!

We are reputed retailers of carpets and rugs in the region and have been offering our vast range to customers in the city for last couple of years. During this short period of our operations, Textile Carpets and Rugs have established a name nothing less than a brand in the carpet and rug sector. We have tied up with manufacturers directly hence offer you the best quality rugs at the most affordable prices direct from the manufacturers.

We offer an exotic range of carpets and rugs which are perfect to be used at homes and even commercially. We are the largest emerging retailers of carpets in the region with hundreds of customers checking out and buying our carpets every month through our website as well as from our store.

Here is what we have to offer:


Advantages of our Carpets and Rugs

We know that carpets costs on a higher scale hence we ensure you the best quality rugs which will last a lifetime. Our product selection is authentic and selected by experienced people in the textile industry. We approve the products before they went on sale through our platform. With us by your side you can ensure:

 Quality Products

 Durable and backed up with warranty

 Wide range, designs and sizes to choose from

Visit our exhibition today!

Visit our exhibition today!

Willing to have a look at our products? They are all available online on our website to check out or even to order. If you would like to view our rugs and carpets in person, you can even visit our store or an exhibition around you. We conduct exhibitions from time to time and you will be intimated well in advance through advertisement. Do drop in and check out our complete range!

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Happy Client

Take a look at what some our loyal customers have said about our carpets and rugs!

I gifted my wife a rug on Valentines two years ago. It was a valentine special piece in red color having white colored hearts all over. The quality of design made me doubt that if the design is so good then the quality must be compromised but I was wrong. It’s a great piece!
Jonathan E. Young

Happy Client

My kids love superheros and wanted a carpet for their room of their favorite action hero. I roamed from shop to shop and even searched online but no where I got something satisfying. It was then only when I hit one of their exhibitions and we got what we wanted. Using it for over a year now!
Katheryn J. Kamm

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